Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obsession Of The Week

Just about every week I discover a new band, album, or single that causes me way too much initial excitement, resulting in some form of hyperbolic overreaction I occasionally have to rescind once cooler heads prevail. This is generally when I realize that not necessarily everything that "sounds like The Smiths" is absolutely amazing.

(Still a goal any band worth it's weight should strive for truth be told. If I'm trying to steal Morrissey's various hair styles on any given day, it seems only reasonable that young bands aspiring to greatness should be trying to steal hooks and wordplay from he and Marr, but I digress...)

Just the same, rarely a week goes by when I don't stumble on something new and cool thanks to clever friends or on-line personas with larger nerd quotients in some cases than even yours truly.

This particular project has been in the works and creating general buzz in New Order fan camps for some time now, but for whatever reason, flew under my radar.

Never Cry Another Tear by Bad Lieutenant is the latest offering from Bernard Sumner and an assembled cast of musicians. The general vibe is seemingly more in line with his Johnny Marr partnership from the 90's, Electronic, relying more on guitar based jingle jangle pop riffs than New Order's staple synth tracks.

The pressure to come to market with something fresh and earth shattering is sometimes overplayed in music nerd circles, so it's refreshing to not only hear some very well put together songs, but also some textbook Sumner melodies. Fresh can often just mean doing what you do very well, and reminding the masses that you do that thing better than everyone else. No one does Sumner hooks better than Sumner, and there are plenty to go around on Never Cry Another Tear.