Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Breakfast: A 42 Minute Scoop of Musical Sugar

There will always be certain pieces of music that are best suited to moods, events and times of day.  Just the same, I don't remember ever purposely reaching for Grand Prix to improve my mood or to consciously start my day a certain way.  What I have come to learn however, is there is not a single disc in my collection that systematically sets up my day for goodness like this perfect little gem from Teenage Fanclub.

I've ranted at some length before about my long standing love affair with the Fannies' music, and the good news is I'm short on time here this morning, so this post will really see me actually practicing the brevity I've been working on.  So until someone decides to impact my day in a contrary manner, I'm feeling fantastic, thanks almost exclusively to songs like this.

Best guitar pop album ever.