Monday, November 22, 2010

Musical Moustaches

So for those who for whatever reason are not aware, the month of November was changed to "Movember" some time ago as a means of generating awareness for men's health issues, specifically prostate cancer.  It seems fitting then ,especially given the author's cartoonish profile persona to offer a tribute to some of the best moustaches in music, past and present.

"The Indie Social Scene Stache" - Charles Spearin

"The I'm Elvis Costello and You're F**king Not Stache" - Elvis Costello

"The My Last Name is The Hottest Planet Stache" - Freddie Mercury

"The Winnipeg Jazz Hands Stache" - Burton Cummings

"The Bat S**t  Crazy Stache" - Frank Zappa

"The Sweet Sweet Soul Stache" - Otis Redding

"The I Used to Sleep With Crystal From Dynasty Stache" - Yanni

"The Pretty Good Village People Stache" - Construction Guy

"The Crazy Bananas Cool Village People Stache" - Biker Guy

"The Best Ever Musical Stache" - John Oates


  1. Least surprising final mustache EVER.

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