Thursday, September 8, 2011

14 Best Indie Rock Songs of the 1990's

So even with all the pre-loaded qualifying and best attempts at describing last week's Best 5 Songs of All Time list as semi-coincidental or not strictly 80's, my sense is it still came across as forced, novel, or potentially me being stuck generationally in what I still perhaps romanticize as the best period of music, regardless of its real or perceived influence and staying power. Fair game. Not the case, but fair game.

It did however inspire some off blog, yet online, chatter in other forums where it was suggested period based best of song lists would be welcomed as future blog entries. This led to me thinking a string of posts with a 1990's theme could be fun. So consider this the first in the series of blog posts capturing various versions of the best the 90's had to offer musically.

To start things off, I wanted to be a bit more specific than just the best songs from the 90's overall and focus on some pure independent American guitar based tracks. Going to try and sequence it, knowing the standard qualifier applies as with all ranked lists blah blah blah.  Should be a top 10, but I need 14 to do it right. The song titles hyperlink to Grooveshark streams. Some of the next lists will have commentary. These songs stand on their own. I really shouldn't need to spell anything out here.

14. Sugar - "A Good Idea"

13. Fugazi - "Turnover"

12. Dinosaur Jr. - "The Wagon"

11. Death Cab For Cutie - "Pictures In An Exhibition"

10. Built To Spill - "In The Morning"

9. The Dismemberment Plan - "The City"

8. Sebadoh - "Not Too Amused"

7. Sunny Day Real Estate - "In Circles"

6. Superchunk - "Seed Toss"

5. Yo La Tengo - "Sugarcube"

4. Archers of Loaf - "Web In Front"

3. Guided By Voices - "Game Of Pricks"

2. Pavement - "Elevate Me Later"

1. Modest Mouse - "Trailer Trash"