Friday, December 2, 2011

CanCon & The 10 Year Old Music Nerd

As I approach my 40th year this month, it seems inevitable to recall stuff. Lots of stuff. In my case everything is typically benchmarked with some sort of musical pinpoint.  Last night's Prince concert got me thinking about being 10 years old and hearing "Little Red Corvette" for the first time. Then I started thinking about how there were no MP3s and how I used to place a cheap tape recorder next to the radio and wait sometimes for hours to hear the track that would make it onto my sketchy little mixed tape. On many occasions, the announcer would talk into the intro or jump in before the song's conclusion, thereby buggering up the version you wanted. Assholes.

I had hundreds of albums when I was 10 or 11. No brothers or sisters. I was a completely self taught music fanatic. All my allowance went into records. It's all I ever wanted for gifts. When I was 9, a family friend gave me Paradise Theatre by Styx for my birthday. Way better than a bike. In and around this 9-11 year old period I was even aware of some pretty cool Canadian music. I sense there will be more contemplative moments in the next couple of weeks, but here are some of the CanCon albums I was listening to at that age, between like 1980-1982.


Rough Trade

The Spoons




Strange Advance


Aldo Nova 

Martha & The Muffins