Wednesday, January 27, 2016

25 Best 90s Britpop Songs

I say this a lot, and have probably said it here any number of times, but the internet has been the great equalizer for people who think they know a lot about music. I used to think I knew more about music than most people, in my safe little face to face circles of friends of course. These days though, with most music chit chat happening online, I feel like I know as much as many, yet far less than just as many again. Except when it comes to a few things, and one of those things is 90s Britpop.

I obsessed over these bands. Some of them were not even particularly good in retrospect, but anything that got labelled as Britpop landed in my CD collection. The last time I posted about Britpop was when I took a run at The 20 Best Britpop Albums of the 1990s (I would change some of this now, but why bother). There were a couple things I debated then, which I find myself debating again. I still do not strictly consider Radiohead or The Verve to be Britpop bands to the letter of whatever law I seem to apply. I do concede there were periods or songs in their catalogue in the early to mid 90s which fit the bill, so they are represented on the song list. Sometimes it is hard to believe the Radiohead we know now are even the same band who wrote "Black Star."

Like with any of my music lists, I try not to shy away from a band's biggest hit or signature song, but I also don't choose the most obvious songs by default like some silly and predictable Rolling Stone magazine list. For instance, there is no denying "Common People" by Pulp is a tremendous song. I just don't happen to think it is their best song. I also went the route of one song per artist, in the interest of showcasing a more broad section of Britpop. Otherwise there might have been twelve Suede tracks and no Spacehog. No commentary either, as these are all perfectly written songs, and there is nothing I could offer that wouldn't sound trite and repetitive after a few.

So yeah, I know quite a bit about music, but I feel comfortable in saying I can hold my own comfortably with all manner of obnoxious music nerd when it comes to Britpop. This might not be the best list of the best Britpop songs on the internet ... just kidding ... it is probably the best list of Britpop songs you are going to find. Don't listen to the internet people. I got this. I know what I am talking about.

Related, a while back I made a fairly exhaustive Spotify playlist with almost 10 hours of Britpop classics. I tinker with it all the time, and believe it to be a pretty solid compilation (145 songs).

You can check that out here if you're interested.

25.  Spacehog – “In The Meantime”

24.  Mansun – “Stripper Vicar”

23.  Marion – “I Stopped Dancing”

22.  Shed Seven – “Let It Ride”

21.  Inspiral Carpets – ‘Dragging Me Down”

20.  The Boo Radleys – “Wake Up Boo!”

19.  The Auteurs - "Light Aircraft On Fire"

18.  Sleeper – “What Do I Do Now?”

17.  The Bluetones – “Cut Some Rug”

16.  Ash – “Girl From Mars”

15.  Elastica – “Connection”

14.  Gene – “Sleep Well Tonight”

13.  The Verve – “Space and Time”

12. The La’s – “There She Goes”

11. Supergrass – “Going Out”

10. Oasis – “Acquiesce”

9. The Charlatans – “Crashin’ In"

8.  Blur – “Charlmess Man”

6.  Radiohead – “Black Star”

4.  Cast – “Alright”

5.  Trashcan Sinatras – “Obscurity Knocks”

4.  Pulp – “Do You Remember The First Time?”

3.  James – “She’s A Star”

2.  The Stone Roses – “Here It Comes”

1.  Suede - "Beautiful Ones"