Sunday, March 11, 2018

Best Albums of February 2018

These are five albums released in February I thought were worth quite cool.

U.S. Girls - In A Poem Unlimited

I have read a few pieces that describe this as the most accessible album by U.S. Girls. Perhaps, but there is still respectable experimentation and some looping stuff going on here. It just feels like a more live from the floor record, with plenty of catchy songs. Best work yet from Meg and Co. in my opinion.

Born Ruffians - Uncle, Duke,  The Chief

I always thought these guys had unrealized potential, and were held back by an overt silliness and forced quirkiness. This fifth album is easily their most focused and mature record to date. It still has their loose and manic take on Canadian indie, but with a much more steady hand.

The Orielles - Silver Dollar Moment

Debut record from this Halifax (UK) band. There is an undeniable retroish feel all through this album, but it still feels very much like an album that could only be made in 2018. The jingle jangle side of the Baggy and Madchester stuff is here for sure, but it's hardly derivative. Super fun album start to finish.

Field Music - Open Here

One of my five favourite bands currently making music, Field Music have an uncanny ability to write clever four minute pop songs with more bells and whistles then even the most accomplished prog acts could muster. Open Here carries on with some of the 80's vibe of the last record, and fills it out with even more orchestral stuff. These guys have yet to make a weak album.

Hookworms - Microshift

The fourth album by this crew from Leeds and their first on the Domino label. I think these guys get unfairly painted as a psych band, when there is so much more going on there. This album is their least noisy and most spacious, which really highlights their music chops and song craft. I expect this will be a top ten record for me by year's end.