Sunday, November 27, 2016

The 100 Best Albums of 2016

Every year, when I start thinking about year-end music lists, I wonder who am I actually making a list for and why do I do this? Then I remember being 8 years old and using my parents' old school type writer to type out top 10 lists related to any number of music topics, realizing no one would ever see them. I did it for me. It was fun. Music is something I was obsessively passionate about, even when I was 8 years old. Pounding out typed lists of my favourite 10 Metal Bass Players or my favourite 10 Kool & The Gang Songs. They would end up in file folders, often never to be viewed again. It was fun for me.

Almost 40 years later, I remain obsessively passionate about music, and I still type out lists about music, but I get to share them with a few people. This blog started as a request of sorts, from friends who do not have the time or interest to track new music anymore, but still enjoy hearing something new and interesting. So I still do it for me and it is still fun, but a few other people look forward to it as well now, and that is sort of cool. I continue to be self conscious about my writing, but I do the best I can. I am a proud music nerd, who knows more about a lot of music than most and about as much about it as some. The internet is a humbling place for the creature that is the music nerd, and thankfully I have found a handful of other people with whom I share overlap in taste and they ensure I never feel too big for my boots. I am not a music writer. I am just a guy who drinks and knows things. Especially music things.

The other thing that has not changed is my voracious appetite to consume as much new and interesting music as possible. What has changed, for a host of reasons, is the ability to act on and satisfy that appetite in ways that were never possible when I was a kid. I had more records when I was young than most kids, because all my allowance and paper route money got spent on music. What is also much different is the ability to see all the different lists other people and sites come up with throughout and at the end of the year. For my part, I don't purposely look for obscure or hard to find stuff, but sometimes that happens. I do tend to not listen to a lot of super available mainstream music these days, which means my lists don't tend to showcase many popular high profile artists. It's just not my thing, so thankfully there are already kazillion other sites who capture stuff like Beyonce, for people who enjoy it and need to see it on a list.

2016 was a year where I further embraced my love for alternative music, in the traditional sense, where it used to mean stuff that was weird and unusual. The bulk of my listening continues to be UK based artists and definitely with a slant toward art rock and pop. I re-embraced hip-hop somewhat this year, taking the time to find more artists that fit in my super narrow wheelhouse of smart underground alternative styled rap. As always, I often fell back on melody based indie pop and hook driven power pop, and found a nice share of synth pop and harder driving electronic music. I still shy away from blues based stuff, or anything rootsy and folksy. Hopefully when I'm 85 and sitting on a porch, I will be listening to Bauhaus albums and ranting about what a boring old fart Bob Dylan is.

Last year I narrowed my album list to 50, in the interest of focus and brevity. This year, I was having a hard time giving props to all the wonderful stuff I heard, without taking it back up to 100, so here we are. There is a science that goes with the gathering and listening to 200+ albums throughout the year, much like the science that goes into the final list. At the end of the day though, there is probably not a lot of tangible difference between an album I put at 74 and one I put at 86. Sort of like when the arseholes at Pitchfork rate an album 9.3 rather than 9. I am hoping to follow this list, with a few blog posts that offer a bit of specific commentary around some of my favourites and what they meant to me on the music year 2016. Time will tell if that happens or not. I hope if you are reading this, that you find something you like that you might not otherwise have come across without this post. It's a lot of work to do this, but it is absolutely not work for me. It is also a lot easier than it used to be using a type writer.

100MexrrisseyNo Manchester
98Steve PorcaroSomeday / Somehow
97OperatorsBlue Wave
96CommonBlack America Again
95PortrayalTo The Black Sea
94Teenage FanclubHere
92YeasayerAmen & Goodbye
91The Blessed IslesStraining Hard Against The Strength of The Night
89Witching WavesCrystal Cafe
88Kyle ForesterKyle Forester
87The AmazingAmbulance
86Mayer HawthorneMan About Town
85Holy FuckCongrats
84The DarcysCenterfold
83ShearwaterJet Pane and Oxbow
82Eliot SumnerInformation
81LadyhawkeWild Things
80KaHonor Killed The Samurai
79White LiesFriends
78Animal CollectiveFloriDada
76The Real NumbersWordless Wonder
75WarpaintHeads Up
74Hooton Tennis ClubBig Box of Chocolates
72The Moth & The FlameYoung and Afraid
71Pet Shop BoysSuper
70Bob MouldPatch The Sky
69The Lemon TwigsDo Hollywood
68Dinosaur JrGive A Glimpse of What Yer Not
67MerchandiseA Corpse Wired for Sound
66Paper LionsFull Colour
65SolangeA Seat At The Table
64Mind SpidersProsthesis
63Wild NothingLife Of Pause
61American FootballAmerican Football (LP2)
60Cullen OmoriNew Misery
57Simian Mobile DiscoWelcome to Sideways
56Soft KillChoke
55The Radio Dept.Running Out Of Love
54Against Me!Shape Shift With Me
53DuotangNew Occupation
52ABCThe Lexicon of Love II
51Eagulls Ullages
50jennyleeright on!
49Apollo Brown & SkyzooThe Easy Truth
48Syd ArthurApricity
46Denmark VesseyWhole Food
45Angel OlsenMy Woman
44EZTV High In Place
43Light FantasticOut Of View
42ToyClear Shot
41Blood OrangeFreetown Sound
40SavagesAdore Life
38Kendrick Lamaruntitled unmastered
37Amber ArcadesFading Lines
36Alex CameronJumping The Shark
35Exploded ViewExploded View
33Zoos of BerlinInstant Everything
32Methyl EthylOh Inhuman Spectacle
31The FieldThe Follower
30PJ HarveyThe Hope Six Demolition Project
29Aphex TwinCheetah
28Swet Shop BoysCashmere
26Kristin KontrolX-Communicate
25RadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool
24Factory Floor25 25
23Public Access T.V.Never Enough
22Xander HarrisCalifornia Chrome
21D.D DumboUtopia Defeated
20DMAsHills End
19UnderworldBarbara Barbara we face a shining future
18Anderson PaakMalibu
17Jessy LanzaOh No
16Jagwar MaEvery Now & Then
15David BowieBlack Star
14DiivIs This The Are
13Junior BoysBig Black Coat
10School of Seven BellsSVIIB
9A Tribe Called QuestWe Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service
8Hockey DadBoronia
6SuedeNight Thoughts
5Local NativesSunlit Youth
4Trashcan SinatrasWild Penulum
3The KVB...Of Desire
2Field MusicCommontime
1Wild BeastsBoy King